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Pro Translasi is an official translation agency with more than 10 years of experience, providing translation services to more than 3,700 clients both from domestic and abroad. Our motto is delivering prime quality with reasonable price. Premium quality translation with professional services has become the motivation of all our team members. For the sake of client satisfaction, we also provide the services with reasonable price.

With the experience of handling more than 5,000 projects that we have completed, we continue to strive providing the best service to all our clients, for the success of their business. We have trained and skilled translators in translating various fields ranging from medicine, IT (Information Technology), education/pedagogy, finance, computers, law, engineering, games/video games, manufacturing, business/commerce, accounting, advertising, public relations, agriculture, film, TV, drama, economics, telecommunications, tourism and travel, internet, e-commerce, management, marketing, multimedia, computers: systems, networks, science, social sciences, and others.

Our team is also familiar with various CAT Tools such as SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, Memsource, Wordfast, Smartcat, OmegaT, SDL Passolo, etc. in completing various translation projects.

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Providing prime quality translation with reasonable price

Having the experiences of completing more than 3,700 translation projects

The translation service is performed Profesionally, Accurately, dan Reliably

We apply TEP (Translation, Editing, Proofreading) procedure for every project

Having the experience of translating various projects for more than 10 years

Delivery time can be adjusted to your needs

Special discounts and special offer

Make the payment after we deliver the target language

Free of charge when another review is required

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Our project is completed quickly, before the deadline, and they provide swift response.

Ms. Rahmasari (City Government of Surabaya)

Thank you very much Pro Translasi, they provide on time delivery, and excellent translation. It is great to cooperate with your company.

Mr. Tony (PT. Sama Sama Sukses, Tangerang)

I have well received the result. It is a great and very good translation. Thank you.

Andre (Jakarta)

Thank you very much, it is great to cooperate with you. I will contact your company again next time. Thanks.

Amel (Surabaya)

English Indonesian Translator | A language is a unique thing. From thousands of countries and cities all over the world, billions of people utter their feelings through various languages. Language barriers are an old issue that are slowly solved using technology. A piece of technology like Google Translate helps a lot of people to translate simple words and conversations.

However, in some cases, language barriers can be hard to deal with only available technologies. Lots of documents that needs a formal, clear language cannot be translated only using Google Translate because of the nature of human in idea processing. Every people are different, and so in every country. Word perceptions will always be different in any language. Google Translate on its own still cannot fix this problem because of his system that translate per words only, thus making it difficult for the system to translate a phrase correctly. | Indonesian translator

In some cases, only using google translate will not create a satisfactory job. Hence, some texts need to be edited manually by humans, which in the end they will be called “translators”.

With the recent advancement of technology, countries all over the world seems to be separated by its geographical positions only. Everything is made easier like simple worldwide transactions to international music concerts. However, most of the website and some crucial texts including receipts and terms and conditions applied on the website are available in one foreign language, mostly English.| English Indonesian Translator

From these conditions, the translation industry was born. Without the presence of a translator to translate the web or translate an important text well, people will find it difficult to understand it. Google translate will easily help simple conversations, but for a lot of major texts such as scientific journals, general texts, legal texts, and so on needs a proper skill in order to be translated accurately not just in meaning, but also tone-wise.

Becoming a translator are not just blindly translating words in a text. To reach the highest accuracy possible, a translator must deeply understand the grammar of the translated texts, synonyms, and cultural aspects inside the language itself. English vocabulary is broad of synonyms in every word. For example, the Indonesian word “masalah” can be translated to a lot of words. | Indonesian translator

A translator must be witted to determine the word that will be used by looking at the context. The word “masalah” can be translated as simple as “problem”. However, in various contexts such as health, it can be “complications”, and in a legal context, it can be “dispute”, and many more. A translator must be able to edit and adapt the clients’ requests. With today’s technology, modern translators are helped with various technologies such as CAT tool, both online dictionaries and thesaurus.

Becoming a translator is not and easy nor a hard job. Everything needs passion, strong will to learn, and tons of knowledge. Translating a text accurately needs precision in order to reach perfection. | English Indonesian Translator

Being a translator for most people may be a trivial job, because the work is only translating one language into another. But actually it’s not that easy, we have to understand about the language in detail, must understand their languages rules, and their culture language and so on. And here are some things that you should pay attention to being a translator.

First, this is something that is mandatory to learn, which must master the language you want to translate, the terms are Source Language and Target Language. At least you have to master our own mother tongue and also foreign language with that would be easily to translate The most common example is the language we have to master is English because most clients ask for a translation from Indonesian to English and vice versa.  | translate english to indonesian

Secondly, because now it is modern times, the translation industry is also carried away, and there is one thing that can facilitate our work as translators, we must be able to use and operate the CAT Tool. What is CAT Tool? CAT Tool is a tool to facilitate us in translating. There is lot of translator that use this system because it’s more efficient and can save our time.

Some examples of CAT Tools that we can use for translation are SDL Trados Studio, Google Translator Toolkit, Wordfast, Google Translate and others. Of all that SDL Trados Studio is the easiest to use, it’s not difficult to operate but there is one thing that blocks, which is that it is paid and quite expensive if you want to subscribe. | translate english to indonesian

Third, they must understand their Slang language, the present language, the new language found, because the language culture between one country and another is different, so we must understand their unique language.

If we do not understand it we will be a little trouble in translating, it could be that this meaning should actually have another meaning. And if it’s wrong it will be risky Learning Slang also has a good impact on us, because we will understand a little about language that we have never previously understood. | translate english to indonesian

Fourth, Must read often because reading is also no less important in translation, we can get lots of references in the books we read, we can understand with new terms that who knows later will appear in the text that we will translate . If you also need to read books about translators, so we can get knowledge from books of people who are experts in their fields.